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What is Remote Car Management System?


Highly scalable IoT platform for connecting vehicles and associated services!
The platform provides additional functions like processing, persisting and forecasting.

Connected Vehicle

Brand independent platform for monitoring and handling vehicles. Access to vehicles is a prerequisite to provide new services in the area of future mobility.


Our API offers the opportunity to link vehicles with your services.


Our portal shows vehicle information we provide via our API to inspire your own solution.

Words we work with!

Vehicles provide more and more information about its characteristics. This will lead to new services and optimized user experience. 

Before remote-car

Scattered  remote vehicle functionality over different manufacturer portals

Different features for different vehicle brands

Few functionality that really offers a value for you and your customer

With remote-car

All your connected vehicles being in one portal

Same functionality for every user no matter which vehicle brand, as long as the vehicle is connected

Extends existing functions to services that really make everyday life easier

Brand Independence

We work on supporting as many brands as possible to make your life more comfortable.

API Documentation

Have a look at our comprehensive API documentation.

Available for all our API costumers.

API Access

Integrate our remote-car API to your solution and use the features and data for your own services!

Specialized on E-Mobility

With additional functionality for electric vehicles like charging station information, green energy footprint and charging management!

Historic Data

We provide also historic vehicle data for all data requests!

Personal Car Portal

You want to use our portal? Please feel free to do so and create your personal free remote-car management account to enjoy the functionality!


We offer access to your connected vehicles. Brand independent!

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